Empowered by a combined 30 years of business and clinical practice, the Progressive Health team knows what it takes to achieve business success for the independent physician.

We’ve applied a different lens practice strategies and developed solutions to ensure our partners are exceeding their goals.

Equipped with a comprehensive services portfolio, our physician partners are able to better forecast financial performance while delivering excellent patient care. Progressive Health promotes business success for its providers while making it easier to deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

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Our Services


Here at Progressive Health, we work side by side healthcare providers to accurately and precisely find the proper pharmaceutical intervention for each and every patient.

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Our laboratories provide a wide-array of testing services for drugs, alcohol, hormones, inflammatory markers, disease testing, oral fluid, and blood specimen.

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Pain Management

We know how debilitating pain can be. By identifying the root cause of your pain we have the best chance at developing a treatment plan that will have powerful, lasting results.

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Our anesthesia team is committed to first class patient care. We work closely with our surgical partners to ensure each patient has a personalized treatment plan

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Meet The Team

Parker Lee

Managing Partner

Yaron Lohr

DC, Founder

Dr. Neil Verma

MD, Medical Director