The administration of anesthesia is a vital component to the overall treatment of pain. At Progressive Health, our world class anesthesiologists take particular care to administer the correct medication in the most suitable way. With Chronic Pain on the rise, traditional methods of administration of anesthesia do not always coincide and may cause a complications during recovery. At Progressive Health, a variety of administrative methods are employed to optimize both relief and recovery.

Local anesthesiology is used in procedures where complete sedation is not necessary, required, or optimal. Procedures such as:

  • Joint blocks
  • Nerve and nerve root blocks
  • Interlaminar epidural steroid administration
  • Transforaminal epidural steroid administration

are commonly associated with local anesthetics. The benefit to the patient is invaluable and the quality of recovery is enhanced.

Of special mention at Progressive Health Network is the administration of trigger point injections with cryoablation. This is an office-based procedure. Local anesthetic is utilized in this procedure as well and has been key to providing many patients with relief and a return to a great quality of life