Diagnostic Laboratory Services

At Progressive Health, we understand that accurate and reliable laboratory results are the foundation of innovative treatment.

Every 19 seconds there is a prescription drug overdose related death in the United States. This sobering statistic reinforces how critical accurate toxicology screens are for patients and physicians. The ability to monitor a patient’s medication consumption and reduce his or her risk of drug addiction, dependence and overdose helps to ensure a patient has the most optimum path towards recovery and healing.

Progressive Health diagnostic services deliver liability and assurance to patients and physicians. Boasting some of the most technologically advanced toxicology and hematology laboratories in the country, Progressive Health employs only the latest high-tech equipment to perform our services. Each one of our lab technician utilizes the optimum standard of care when dealing with each and every specimen. Our efforts combined, we provide higher accuracy results in less time to ensure convenience as well as reliability.

In addition to the latest technology, our laboratories provide a wide-array of testing services for drugs, alcohol, hormones, inflammatory markers, disease testing from urine, oral fluid, and blood specimen. Our experienced experts and staff engage in researching and analyzing the latest prescribed and illicit drugs on the market and utilize innovative methods of testing drugs. We guarantee thorough consultations, reliable equipment maintenance, full compliance with current government regulations, and overall quality control.

Services we provide are basic lab panels. A complete blood count (CBC) can help understand if a person is anemic, has an infection, or is not adequately hydrating. Lipid panels can give a very accurate insight for pain and wellness by testing cholesterol. As an overview, some of the conditions we can test for include:

  • Allergies
  • Pathologies
  • Coagulopathies
  • Nephropathies
  • Hematology
  • Leukemia or anemia or splenic infarction.
  • Genetics
  • Toxicology
  • Side effects of medications, overdose, and/or withdrawal
  • Complete Blood Counts (CBC)
  • Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP), including many more

We strive to meet the needs of the community by being a vital member of the healthcare team and contributing to the advancement of medicine. If you have any questions about our laboratory services please contact us today.